The WFA Pledge
We ask members of our community to sign up to the WFA pledges to show their commitment to change in our industry.
We have pledges for both organisations and individuals to commit to so we can drive progress in the food and ag sector.

As a Company:

We will have a diversity and inclusion strategy

We will review the strategy and progress towards it annually

We will set our own diversity goals supporting WFA’s, aligned to our strategy

We will review people policies and processes to promote an inclusive culture 

We will take part in the annual WFA diversity survey and encourage our staff to do so

As an Individual:

I will support the progression of women into senior roles

I will include diversity in my personal objectives

I will promote an inclusive culture at my place of work

I will take part in the annual WFA diversity study and encourage my network to do so 

I will be an active and engaged participant in the WFA community

WFA Campaign Aims 

Committing to change is the first step to ensure the food and ag industry becomes a more diverse, inclusive, and sustainable one. We want to push the industry to make changes that will positively affect outcomes for women. But these changes need to be concrete and measurable in order for us to have specific goals. Therefore, as part of the WFA initiative, we have set out the following aims for the industry: 

30% women on boards of our supporting companies by 2029 

50/50 gender diversity in entry level jobs in the industry by 2029 

40% women in senior industry roles by 2030 

Build a mentorship scheme to support 300 women in food and ag by 2025 

Support the drive for diversity across disabilities, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation as well as gender

Support the FAO’s vision for Sustainable Food and Agriculture 

We will be monitoring progress towards these goals through our annual WFA survey and by working with our industry partners to provide us with the data so we can assess advancement in our industry.