BUILDING greater resilience and sustainability into food and farming supply chains will be ‘sped up’ as the industry recovers from the coronavirus pandemic

BUILDING greater resilience and sustainability into food and farming [...]

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Agricultural and food businesses are turning the tide on gender inequality, with two high profile companies meeting their goals to increase the proportion of women in leadership positions

Ahead of International Women's Day (March 8) and as plans for the second Women in Food and Agriculture (WFA) Summit get under way, Unilever announced it had achieved 50/50 gender balance in leadership roles across its brands and BASF committed to increasing the number of women at the top to 30 per cent by 2030 after achieving its 20 per cent by 2020 target a year ahead of schedule.

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“Women’s roles are changing as part of the constantly evolving social, environmental, cultural and economic contexts they live in.”

“Women’s roles are changing as part of the constantly [...]

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Jennifer Del Rio, Sales Manger, Alltech “As the industry becomes more advanced and entrepreneurial, the sector will be dominated by women who are more diverse, creative, and resilient”

Jennifer Del Rio Sales Manager, [...]

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Gender is just a small part of the diversity puzzle which agriculture and food businesses must piece together. And when they get it right, the end result can be extremely rewarding, says Sygenta’s Caroline Creven Fourrier

Caroline Creven Fourrier is Syngenta’s Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity with more than 13 years of international experiences across various geographies in Europe and Asia and functions such as diversity and inclusion (D&I) HR, production, logistics and procurement. Caroline holds a PhD in talent management and Masters degree in procurement. She is also certified by INSEAD in D&I and St Gallen University in research.