Alltech’s Lori Stevermer: Women Make Agriculture Better

Growing up on her family farm in Minnesota, Lori Stevermer was destined to make a difference both on and off the farm. From her childhood involvement in the local 4H to working at a feed company after college and meeting her husband (a fellow hog farmer)—agriculture is in her blood.

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Alltech commits to Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™

[LEXINGTON, Ky.] – In closing ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference, Dr. Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech, shared his new vision for the company and invited the ONE conference’s more than 3,500 attendees to join in “Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™.”

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Elanco’s Tina Hunt: Working Together Across Geographies and Genders to Find Solutions to Agricultural Challenges

Tina Hunt is General Manager for Elanco Animal Health UK and Ireland. She is passionate about the wellbeing of animals, people and the planet. This year, she’s getting involved with the Women in Food and Agriculture initiative. We caught up with her to get her thoughts on the industry and the upcoming event.

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“They say when some women climb the ladder they pull the ladder up behind them. My boss was the exact opposite of that.”

A director of one of the UK’s retail giants, Judith Batchelar OBE has a wealth of experience in the agrifood business. She tells Olivia Midgley about the importance of acting on feedback, even if it’s negative, and why working part-time after raising a family doesn’t have to hinder your career.

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Gender is just a small part of the diversity puzzle which agriculture and food businesses must piece together. And when they get it right, the end result can be extremely rewarding, says Sygenta’s Caroline Creven Fourrier

Caroline Creven Fourrier is Syngenta’s Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity with more than 13 years of international experiences across various geographies in Europe and Asia and functions such as diversity and inclusion (D&I) HR, production, logistics and procurement. Caroline holds a PhD in talent management and Masters degree in procurement. She is also certified by INSEAD in D&I and St Gallen University in research.

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