The two-day summit will be centred around a series of presentations, discussions and workshops that will give you access to the people and ideas that will shape the future of the sector

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DAY ONE will focus on big industry and business issues addressing high level topics presented by forward thinking industry leaders with a focus on the agriculture and food sector, worldwide overview, sustainability and climate change.

Attendees can choose between a variety of topics looking at advancements in innovation and latest market trends, issues of workplace culture, gender specific topics and diversity as well as specific key themes.  All sessions will have a key focus related to farming, arable supply chain, feed additives, aquaculture and food and retail sector.

Main themes include:

– Innovative Approaches to feed the world

– Our Planet – Our Health

– Work practices

– Future of Food and Ag

DAY TWO will focus on leadership and creativity, career opportunities and development. It will offer inspirational themes and talks from influential leaders who have made their way up and became successful.

It will also address and drill down into the issues of professional and personal development through the following workshops:

– Leadership skills and how to tackle progression

– Lifelong living and career opportunities

– Wellbeing and career breaks

– Elevating your tech game

– Data management and AI

– Successful communication

– Mastering the art of mentoring

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We’re committed to embracing the change and productivity in agribusinesses through diversity and inclusion. Our mission is to foster empowering conversations, enhance connections and collaboration amongst the leaders in the food and agricultural supply chain.

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