2021 Agenda


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WEDNESDAY Evening – 1st DECEMBER 2021


 Pre-Summit Welcoming Drinks and Networking

Day One – Thursday 2nd December

Chairwoman Welcome Address: Jamie Chadwick, News Director, Urner Barry


Kick Off Keynote – Speaker to be announced, please visit the event website for further updates


Think Tank Debate: Mapping a Roadmap for the Sustainable Ag & Food Ecosystem

Addressing opportunities to drive the transition towards more sustainable, regenerative food and farming systems. Actions to reduce and prevent the food production footprint on the environment and society that will make a difference and maintain profitability. Digital farming and new ways to true sustainable growth.

Sara Boettiger, Senior Vice President, Head of Public Affairs, Science & Sustainability, Crop Science Division, Bayer
Ponsi Trivisvavet, CEO, Inari
Barbara Baarsma, CEO, Rabo Carbon Bank
Ruth Kimmelshue, President, Cargill Animal Nutrition and Health


Panel Discussion: Solving the Issue of Food Waste & Food Insecurity

Around 1 billion of the world population are still struggling to purchase food. How can we solve food waste paradox of starving people? What solutions are out there and what needs to be done to resolve these issues? How can we produce growth and at the same time solve food waste, reduce CO2 emissions and the increasing pressure of feeding the growing world?

Moderator: Jamie Chadwick, News Director, URNER BARRY
Vincent Gros, President, Agricultural Solutions, BASF SE
Geeta Sethi, Advisor and Global Lead for Food Systems, World Bank
Máximo Torero, Chief Economist, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)


Networking Morning break and opportunity to meet Speakers


Views from Retail Firms & Polling votes: Responding to Consumer Changing Demands – A New Reality

Examining ways people consume food today, key consumer trends and how consumers are driving change. Assessing what impact it has on food producers and retail companies and how businesses have to adapt.

Aaron Buettner, President, Bunge Loders Croklaan
Tanya Kopps, CEO, Metro Italia
Nadine Küster, General Secretary, Danone D-A-CH


Spotlight on Inclusive Leadership: The role of CEOs in the Transformation of Executive Leadership

CEOs will share their experiences on how to make a change, accelerate and lead transformation towards equality in organisations on a Board level. Challenges and issues they have overcome on their journeys whilst driving change to unlock full potential of leaders, and next steps on the business agenda for inclusive leadership for top global ag and food companies.

Sunil Nayak, CEO Corporate Services Worldwide, Sodexo
Saskia Korink, CEO, Trouw Nutrition
Mark Lyons, CEO, Alltech
Ruth Kimmelshue, President, Cargill Animal Nutrition and Health


Networking Lunch








PANEL DISCUSSION: Leveraging Innovation & New Business Models Through Digitalisation

What are the opportunities and challenges for carbon sequestration in agriculture, how the market regulation might influence it and how tech data could help to bridge the gap?

Moderator: Ayelet Carasso, Co-Founder, Infinity Fresh

Amy Cornell, President, Agribusiness Council of Indiana
Claudia Rössler, Director Agriculture Strategic Partnerships, Azure Global, Microsoft
Mariana Vasconcelos, CEO, Agrosmart


PANEL DISCUSSION: Farming Systems & Sustainability

How are farmers managing livestock and crops more sustainably and helping to adsorb and capture carbon emissions.

Moderator: Olivia Midgley, Deputy Editor, FARMERS GUARDIAN

Ethy Levy, Founder, InfinityFresh
Caroline Drummond, CEO, LEAF
Heleen Lansink-Marissen, Owner, Dairy Farmer, De Melktapperij


PANEL DISCUSSION: Race, Gender Diversity & Generations in the 21st Century

Building true inclusion, diversity and navigating race and gender in the workplace of next generation.

Moderator: Olympia Theocharous, Head of Content, Feedinfo Perspectives and WFA

Kathleen Offman Mathisen, Global HR Director and Internal Communication, Grieg Seafood
Beverly Dixon, Group HR Director, G’s-Fresh
Margot Slattery, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, ISS World Services


CASE STUDY: Data Revolution & Advanced Analytics

Examining the latest approaches in getting value from your internal and external data and ways to monetise it. What the future might fold for the industry with data technology.

Christa Hoffmann, Partner, oeconos GmbHChrista Hoffmann, Partner, oeconos GmbH


CASE STUDY: Ecoscoring Pilot Programme

Speaker to be announced, please visit the event website for updates.


CASE STUDY: Leveraging & Measuring Impact of Diversity

How can we leverage the value of diversity in the future ways of working? – Syngenta Group`s Future of Work initiative

Marco Issenmann, Head Global Digital Product Delivery, Syngenta


Networking Afternoon Break and Opportunity to Meet Speakers


Panel Discussion: Leaving Lockdown –  Impact of the Pandemic on the Value Chain

Addressing the full impact of covid, what deficiencies and disruption we’ve really experienced and the gravity of those issues. How 2020-2021 reshaped and shifted the focus of companies, increased flexible engagement and openness with employers, clients and business strategy perspective. What it meant for the diversity and inclusion agenda. Exploring the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Jessica Teo, Chief Human Resources Officer, Louis Dreyfus Company
Tatiana Fadeeva, CEO, AGCO Machinery
Suzanne Strassburger- Reidy, CEO, Strassburger Meats
Veronica L. Braker, Senior Vice President, Global Operations, Archer Daniels Midland Company


Keynote Address: Prof. Louise O. Fresco, President of the Executive Board, Wageningen University & Research


Key Take Aways: Jamie Chadwick, News Director, URNER BARRY


Drinks Reception, Awards Ceremony


Day Two – Friday 3rd December


Social Event Programme: A Letter to Your Future Self

As we progress in life we tend to forget about some of the important ideas or promises we wanted to achieve. At the WFA Summit we would like to focus on your deeper self-awareness.

The aim of this reflection time is to help you to pave the path towards your future ambitions and simply write a letter to yourself about some of the important decisions, ideas or goals you would like to achieve in the next 6 months. Please pen 3 main tasks or aims in this letter to yourself, seal it and address it to yourself. You can leave it at the postbox at the registration desk.




Ted Talk: Becoming Your Own Role Model & Making an Impact

Alexandra Brand, Regional Director Crop Protection EAME, Syngenta


Career Focus: Food and Ag’s Future Workforce Needs  

Getting access to new talent-how do we encourage and attract people with different agendas and skill sets to the industry? How do we think about food and ag today-what new skill sets are we seeing now in demand in the food sector? What inclusive recruitment should look like? Ways to find new talent in your existing workforce and how to retain that talent in your organisation.

Nadine Küster, General Secretary, Danone D-A-CH
Christine Tacon, Formerly Groceries Code Adjudicator and Chair, MDS
Deborah Borg, Chief HR and Communications Officer, Bunge
Veronica L. Braker, Senior Vice President, Global Operations, Archer Daniels Midland Company
Martina Boehm, Professor, DHBW Heilbronn


Networking Morning Break & Opportunity to meet speakers


Practical Workshop with Lunch

The workshops will delve into specific issues and examine theory, technical and best practice approaches that will help you advance and excel.
Duration of the workshops – 2 hours plus 1 hour lunch.

1. Eliminating Unconscious Bias

The best way to reduce unconscious biases is to become aware of them. During this workshop you will learn what unconscious biases mean and why they exist, conduct your own test to learn about your personal strengths and weaknesses and what biases are likely to affect you/ your company. You will uncover the main drivers behind unconscious bias, learn how to fix them, and how to modernise your approach to recruitment. You will also learn about yourself and to recognise what you are good at and how to apply your strength to your advantage.

Objectives of the workshop to : increase awareness, acceptance, attention and action.

Heidi Robertson, Group Head of Diversity & Inclusion and Employer Brand, ABB

2. Define Your Own Brand

The workshop will examine the methods of building or strengthening your personal brand, focus on the use of your body and presentation. You will learn how to position yourself and make an impact in the informal or formal business environment and address what the balance to maintain it 24/ 7.

Speaker to be announced 

3. Embedding Resilience Into Your Life

Uncover how the ‘always on’ work environment is increasing the need to develop resilience in individuals; the benefits of developing resilience to both the individual and the organisation; skills and behaviours can be adopted to develop resilience and what factors in the workplace play a role in the decrease/increase of resilience. Learn how the above issues apply in relation to menopause in the workplace, the main symptoms experienced during menopause that can affect women in the workplace- why/how? Finally be equipped with best practices that can be put in place to support resilience for women in the workplace during their menopausal journey.

Dorcas Barry, Associate Trainer, Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace
Margot Slattery, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, ISS World Services

4. Developing Next Generation Leaders

This workshop will address transformational change, the way the next generation see leadership styles and what it takes to build the next generation of leaders.  Learn to speak up and take your initiative forward; understand how to lead the questions that need answers. Practical examples of management styles.
Alexandra Brand, Regional Director Crop Protection EAME, Syngenta

5. Building the Foundation for Your Successful Career

The workshop will address how to develop self-motivation and self-marketing. Strengthening networking skills and building ally-ship –effective ways to use social media to meet people and maintain connections. You will learn how to lead yourself and others and be a mindful coach to enable teams to perform best.

Simone Barg, Vice President, Global Communications Agricultural Solutions, BASF


Fireside Chat with champions of Diversity & Inclusion: Male Allyship in the Workplace

Uncovering what role male allies play in making a difference and creating a truly inclusive ag and food industry together. How can we continue to grow the number of ‘Manbassadors’ in driving the diversity agenda forward.

Sarah Mukherjee, CEO, IEMA with Matthew Naylor, Managing Director, Naylor Flowers


Closing Keynote Address: The Woman’s Voice: A Magical Combination of Her Femininity, Grace & Strength!

Enhance communicating your expertise through integrating the power of your Voice and Persona to deliver with impact and a lasting impression

Marie Terese Letorney,  Founder,  Ask  Your Voice