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Women in Food & Agriculture

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Our Women in Food and Agriculture Community brings together women from across the world to discuss and debate some of the biggest issues our sectors face. Our new community website will feature interviews, training and webinars with a range of inspirational thought leaders to allow members to access our virtual network and collaborate in developing solutions to problems in our industry.

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“Women start their career with the same education, determination, commitment and desire to want to lead, so why is it that somehow, fewer women make it to the top? That’s what were here to discuss – what are the mechanisms, the strategies that women can take with them in order to be able to forge their career better.”

Dame Fiona Kendrick, DBE, Nestle

“Spending time with these phenomenal strong, passionate female leaders was really inspiring to me. There are phenomenal, good, successful female leaders out there and we should learn from each other, spread out beyond our boundaries and not just get stuck in our own little silos.”

Elzandi Oosthuizen, VP Asia Pacific Marketing Lead, Bayer

“I came to network with the wider agricultural sector – it’s great to meet business women in terms of looking at our category, but to be able to speak to a wider network is brilliant.”

Laura Ryan, Director, Lavenpark

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